Limestone Kitchen countertops – unique, beautiful options for any home renovation

Beautiful Natural Stone Countertops
Limestone Kitchen countertops Limestone has a similar appearance to marble and is made from a sedimentary rock. As a result, each slab of limestone is unique in itself, and is impossible to replicate. Using this stone in kitchen countertops is an excellent way of introducing a more natural and elegant feel into the décor of any home. In addition to being incredibly attractive, homeowners can feel just in their material decision, as it is environmentally friendly, as well as highly aesthetic.
Selecting limestone for the use of kitchen or bathroom countertops gives homeowners the chance to become creative with their colour schemes. Limestone comes in a wide range of beautiful shades and hues, all of which are capable of enhancing the value and look of any living area.
Taking Care of Limestone
Limestone is naturally porous and as a result, it is not entirely stain-resistant. However, because of its porous qualities, these countertops are easy to clean and remove stains from. As such, it serves as an ideal material for countertops in either the kitchen or the bathroom.
If a stain should occur on a limestone countertop, it can be cleaned by applying a poultice to the stain for several hours, during which time it will rinse away, restoring the even colour.
Benefits of Limestone
Aside from their unique quality, limestone offers a look of upscale elegance that is very trendy in new homes and those that are undergoing renovations. While many kitchen countertops do not stand the test of time when it comes to style, limestone has remained consistently popular for years and will remain as such, on account of its classic look that is in constant demand.
Homeowners who renovate their kitchens with limestone countertops are thrilled to discover that their home's value is increased. This material is an excellent selling feature.
Those who enjoy pastry baking find the use of limestone in the kitchen to be greatly appealing. The stone allows for an excellent kneading surface and many chefs purchase limestone boards just for this particular purpose.
Like all investments, it is important to protect new countertops with a sealant in order to ensure that they are protected from scratches to the surface.
Marble and Granite
Marble and granite are other excellent options for surfaces in either the kitchen or the bathroom. Like limestone, these natural materials are completely unique and will increase the value of any home. Both materials are noted for their long-lasting durability and upscale quality.
Both marble and granite come in a wide range of colours from dark to light. Homeowners who are looking for a more sophisticated and sleek appearance often opt for the darker shades such as blacks, browns and greys. Those who are looking to lighten the colouring of any room can select from a variety of beautiful whites, beiges, roses and greens.
Regardless of whether a kitchen is renovated with limestone, marble or granite, new countertops made from any of these materials will add instantaneous value to a home by greatly increasing its aesthetic appeal and functionality.